February 17th - 21th, 2014

    BMBF MedTechPartners Conference

Metrilus GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Christian Schaller

Henkestr. 91
D-91052 Erlangen

Tel: +49 9131 9189771
Fax: +49 9131 9189772

Metrilus GmbH

Metrilus offers software for all kinds of real-time 3-D applications. The software and tailored solutions support all kinds of Time-of-Flight sensors, Kinect and light section. In the beginning of 2010, Metrilus was founded as one of the first companies worldwide to provide a profound and complete solution for real-time 3-D imaging. We offer our customers tailored software for all kinds of applications within this domain. This includes the support of a variety of 3-D acquisition modalities, including Time-of-Flight, structured light, light section and the combination of all these modalities for multi-sensor set-ups. Whether you are searching for standard software components to help you speeding up your own range-imaging application development or you are searching for someone to provide you a fully integrated software solution you are at the right place. Metrilus developments are based on our powerful and proven core technology, called metri[base]. Several customers in various business fields already rely on metri[base].

MetriCam is the first common and unified real-time 2-D / 3-D camera SDK for .NET. It supports all major Time-of-Flight cameras from Fotonic, Mesa Imaging, SoftKinetic, TriDiCam, PMD Technologies and ifm electronics as well as 2-D (color) cameras and Kinect / XtionPro.With MetriCam it is possible to integrate all major 2-D and 3-D cameras into your own .NET applications. You can speed up your own development and concentrate on the problems you wanted to solve using Time-of-Flight cameras or PrimeSense sensors.

We support:
  • unified interface for all cameras
  • simultaneous multi-camera management
  • featuring all fundamental camera features
  • thread-safety
  • events for camera connects and disconnects
  • object oriented programming interface
  • extendable with other sensors

Central Institute of Healthcare Engineering
Dr.-Ing. Kurt Höller, MBA
Tel +49 9131 85-26861
Henkestraße 91, D-91052 Erlangen

Medical Valley EMN
Jörg Trinkwalter
Tel+ 49 9131 5302863
Henkestraße 91, D-91052 Erlangen

Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Zobel
Tel +49 9131 974991
Henkestraße 91, D-91052 Erlangen

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